Ways to Lower Your Utility Bill

Utility bills can sneak up on us and really put a dent in our wallets. We may think we’re being diligent in saving energy, but there are so many things we don’t even realize we’re doing that cost us money. Don’t worry, though, there are a lot of simple and effective ways to lower your utility bills, and you don’t even need to try that hard to do them! Read on to discover the most creative ways to lower your utility bills!

Night Energy Sweep

Conducting a quick and easy energy sweep every night is a great, effective way to save on your utility bill. Nightly energy sweeps don’t necessarily sound like huge energy savers, but you’d be surprised just how many energy-sucking appliances we forget to turn off each night. So before you hit the hay, be sure to turn off all the lights and every fan (if it’s not so hot that a fan is absolutely necessary). Turn off all electrical devices, such as televisions, computers, laptops and video game consoles. Also, be sure to unplug your cable box, too, if you have one. Even if it’s turned off, simply leaving it plugged in could cost you a lot of extra money in energy bills. It might be a bit of a nuisance to do sweeps like this every night, but you’ll be very happy you did when your energy bills are significantly lower every month.

Replace Your Bulbs

A great way to save on your utility bill is to replace your incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs. This might feel like an expensive investment, but trust us, it will save you a hefty sum of cash in the long run. Just one incandescent bulb costs as much as operating six to 10 fluorescent bulbs. On top of that, fluorescent bulbs last 10 times longer than incandescents. You might be turned off by the idea of fluorescents; they’ve gotten a bit of a bad reputation for shedding some harsh lighting, but they’ve definitely evolved and many now give off a soft and attractive glow (like regular bulbs).

Reduce Natural Heat

Finding simple ways to cool your house or apartment down will save you a ton on air conditioning. For instance, lowering the blinds or closing the curtains on the sunnier side of your living space will help keep it cool throughout hotter days. If you live in a house, a great way to keep it cooler is to paint the roof white. Darker colors absorb heat and make everything a lot hotter, and painting the roof a light color is a great way to offset the heat. Either way you go, you’re going to wind up saving a lot of money by not having to purchase an air conditioner or being in a position to use it much less.

Different Temps for Different Times

It’s tempting to just always keep your thermostat at the same, steady temperature, but that can rack up your utility bill big time. When you’re sleeping or at work, turn your air conditioner up so it doesn’t automatically click on as much (the clicking on and off costs money). The same can be done for your heater during the winter. Changing the temperature can save you a whopping $100 a year, so get to it!

Stay Vigilant

The best thing you can do when it comes to saving on your utility bill is always be aware and alert. Make sure you turn off electronic devices and lights when you’re not using them, use electronics as sparingly as you possibly can, and always stay on top of it. You’ll be amazed at how much money you end up saving just by paying a little more attention!