What Colors to Decorate Your Apartment Home This Holiday Season?

You want to add a festive touch to your apartment, but what colors do you choose? It’ll depend on several factors as to what fits your apartment home the best. Here’s a list of some ideas for how to choose your holiday décor color scheme:

You can focus on the color schemes that your home already has. If your apartment has warm colors, go with gold or reds. If your apartment has cool colors, go with icy white and silver. And another idea is to take the colors that you already have in your home and use complementary holiday colors (i.e. red-green, purple-gold, etc.).

A piece of fabric is also a great way to bring in the holiday season/colors. If you’ve found a stunning tablecloth, make it the focal point of your room, using colors that coordinate with that tablecloth to bring out its beauty. Have those colors also follow throughout your home (like accent pillows and candles).

And an idea that I think is really cool is using holiday gift wrap as your inspiration. Use color schemes and motifs that you see in gift wrap and use it around the house. Like a candy cane red, green and white striped gift wrap being mimicked in your centerpiece of the dining room table or the wreath on the door. Another nifty idea is to wrap picture frames that are all your walls like presents! You can create a masterpiece using leftover gift wrap and ribbons. The possibilities are endless (and fun to create)!

Below are also some sample color schemes. These combinations are great for creating your personal holiday décor.

•red and green

•red and white

•all white

•any color and gold

•any color and white

•any color and silver

•white, blue, and silver

•ivory and brushed gold

•sage green, ivory, and pewter

•bright purple, blue, and green

•icy blue, lilac, and silver

•autumn tones of beige, brown, golden yellows, and rust

•forest green, burgundy, gold

•primary colors such as red, yellow and blue

Also remember that cooler colors tend to encourage people to eat less and won’t be mingling as much. So you may want to avoid using cooler colors in the dining room or eating area, and to opt for warmer colors like burgundy, purple, or red with gold accents in those spaces. In sitting areas, cooler colors are still okay, but again, adding a punch of color will help warm up the effect so it’ll have a unified look through your apartment.

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