Kitterman Woods Residents Mother’s Day is just a few days away and, quite frankly, it is going to be a little weird this year. You can’t spend the day treating your mom to brunch or a spa treatment due to nationwide shutdowns of non-essential businesses, and many traditional gifts, like purses, are useless during quarantine. Instead, this Mother’s Day will require a new level of creativity to find a gift that your mom can use while she is social distancing.

If you are not exactly sure what qualifies as a good Mother’s Day gift during quarantine, we have got you covered. Your gift should make her time at home just a little more relaxing, bring a bit of normalcy back into her life, and, of course, brighten her day. You should also consider the widespread delays in shipping happening across the U.S for this reason, some of the best options include subscription boxes or online classes. Otherwise, consider gifts she can use at home, like cozy loungewear, kitchen gadgets, and more.