Kitterman Woods Residents here is additional information to guide you with receiving assistance from Congressman Brian Mast office. Assistance For Small Businesses
The legislation also works to help small businesses stay open and keep workers employed by:

Protecting Unemployed Americans
The CARE Act also strengthens and expands unemployment insurance for Americans who cannot work due to the coronavirus by:

Care For Veterans
The legislation also includes funding to support increased demand for health care services at VA facilities through:

Supporting Students & Recent Graduates
This legislation builds on President Trump’s temporary suspension of federal student loan payments and interest:

The bottom line is that our country and our community are in this together. This legislation will go a long way to help families, support hospitals and healthcare personnel, and get the economy back on track by supporting small businesses.

Again, if you have any questions about how this bill will apply to your unique circumstances, please do not hesitate to reach out at 202-225-3026. For more information on the coronavirus and recommendations on how to keep your family safe, please visit You can also read the latest updates and sign up for breaking news alerts here.